Follow Our Progress

Our 'One Voice For Animals Appeal' has only just launched...

Already we have thousands of hits on the website & hundreds of unique visitors each day.  We have partnered with to provide free business support to those rescues on our database who desire it.  We have received wonderful endorsements from Dan Richardson & numerous other kind hearted celebrities.  Press coverage on BBC Radio Cornwall, Three Counties Radio and ITV has helped towards local rescues receiving up to £1000s in donations.

This is a one-off appeal to represent our UK rescue organisations to rally their local communities around them, allowing them to continue (and in a lot of cases, increase) their vital wildlife and domestic animal support during this Covid-19 crisis.  

Follow our progress & keep up to date with our milestones, our greatest successes and hear more about local rescues in YOUR area and what they might need from you.  


With thanks to Unsplash and ICARIS Ltd for helping with this appeal. Bringing together hundreds of small animal charities, non profits and their supporters who are all impacted by Covid-19 and are all fundraising to survive.