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Show your appreciation for our animal ambassador Kiki the Squirrel (a wonderful wild grey squirrel who pops through our Patron, Dan Richardson's kitchen window every day for nuts & to show off her tail) by adding your name to

Kiki's fan wall."

To be included - 
Make a donation of £3 or more to any Organisation on our database.
Screenshot your receipt.
Email the receipt to with details of what name you want added.
The wall will be updated weekly.



Alison Jermy

Holly McNiven

Val Green

Linda Patchett


Kathy Griffith

Joy Doogan

Katrin Nather

Sacha Bedford

Angela Horton

Alana Hurd

Karen Ashley

Lyndsey Hill 

Dan Richardson

Madelyn Flammia

Georgina Bedford


Carol Allen


Gillian Duffy

Jessica Barton

Ariana Williams

Grant Munday

Amanda Butler

Caroline Simmonds

Dermot Heaney

Lesley Blackstock

Natalie Simmonds

Angela Brain

Shannon McNamee

Susie Miller

Sandra Monahan

Cynthia Kilpatrick

Catharina Rua

Lindsey McMullan

Victoria McGookin

Monika Jakobina

Tricia O'Gorman

Winnie Lisowski

Michelle Cottis

Peter Houghton

Melanie Vaughan

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