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Cats. Spay and Neuter Campaign

cat poster
cat poster

The kitten crisis

In 2020 there were approximately 7.5 million cats in the UK.  By 2021 that figure had risen to an astonishing 12.2 million!  Cats can have up to 25 kittens a year, so its not surprising our rescue centres are overflowing with cats needing homes.

Cats are prolific hunters and even before the big increase in numbers - The Mammal Society estimated cats catch up to 100 million prey animals each Spring and Summer.  Spaying and neutering can help stop the position getting worse.


Our campaign goals

We know spaying and neutering cats is good for their welfare, most owners want to be able to do the best for their cats, so our campaign goals are:

  • To raise awareness of the growing cat population & how that impacts both cat & wildlife welfare

  • To provide information on the many benefits of neutering your cats

  • To support Animal rescues across the UK that #spayandneuter rescue & feral cats.


Why neuter your cat?

  • Your cat will fight less, fewer injuries means lower vets bills

  • Your Tom will be less likely to roam, less likely to be be hit by a car

  • Your Tom wont spray in your house - phew!

  • Your female cat wont wail when she's on heat

  • Your female cat is less likely to get cancer

  • You are not contributing to the kitten crisis

How to help your local cat rescue


Coming soon

Downloadable posters and flyers for vets, retailers, rescues and the public

cat poster
cat poster
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