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Being a member of One Voice For Animals UK is FREE and gives you access to a range of help including advocacy, business support, publicity, fundraising opportunities and free items from our crafting group.


To join our public directory you need to meet the following criteria:


  • You are an Animal Welfare Establishment (AWE) or you are a non profit Environmental/habitat protection group that depends on donations from the public to operate

  • Bank accounts are in the name of your organisation, with accounts maintained and filed where applicable.

  • You have a website in place which includes your donation links OR you are happy for us to set up an online presence and donation page for you on the People's Fundraising payment platform click HERE

  • You are set up as a charity, unincorporated association or similar, or would like our help to do so

  • If you are in Scotland, you are licenced with your local authority

  • We are asking our members to meet the standards set out in the Wales Animal Welfare establishment code of best practice

  • Please note we may ask you for more information on your application - for example evidence of business bank accounts or requests for sight of policies. 

Please complete the form below to apply to join.

Please allow 5 working days for your membership to be considered.

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