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Our 'One Voice For Animals Appeal' aims to support UK Animal Welfare establishments as comprehensively as possible.  

Here are some testimonials from just a few of the rescues that we have helped so far...

“Thanks again, we wouldn’t have got half the press exposure without your help…  

We will big up the campaign every way we can.  You deserve it, you’re all amazing.”

Brockswood Animal Sanctuary, following help from our One Voice Appeal on obtaining wide reaching press coverage.

“Since joining One Voice For Animals Appeal UK and the newspaper release, we have had over £500 worth of donations in items and cash, also over 200 Facebook page likes. We also now have a small team of fosterers/volunteers from the advertising this has brought us.”

Greatfield Small Animal Rescue – following our regional press campaign in Worcestershire.

"We’ve already received a couple of donations, one from South Korea, and one from a long-term

supporter who saw our recent post about your page… Thank you for all you are doing to help


Leicestershire Rook Rescue

"Thank you very much One Voice for setting this directory up to greatly support small animal rescues like ourselves."

Springwood Mindfulness Sanctuary

You're all amazing.

I must admit I was a little hesitant to start with. It seemed too good to be true, especially for us little guys.

I stand corrected and am totally blown away by everything you've all done.

So thank you, thank you, thank you x


Crazy Daisy Ferals

I am so proud to be a part of One Voice for Animals UK and supporting the various wildlife and animal rescues around the country. A special thanks goes to Charitybuddy who have helped me with a particular issue on my website and also assisting me with charity registration. Finally, without One Voice for Animals UK I would never have had the chance to buddy with Lower Moss Wood Wildlife Hospital, who has been immensely supportive in offering advice and more. Thank you CB, LMW and OVFA!


Sacha Bedford, Hattie’s Hedgehogs

“You have inspired everyone to promote more, where I used to get 16 hits a month, I’m now getting 20 hits a post. You have given me the confidence to ask for donations to help, and we’ve had over 100 new likes to our page.

I really do think the One Voice for Animals’ group has brought everyone together, it’s a great network.  Thank you so much for your help and support, it’s been invaluable.”


Sompting Wildlife Rescue

“Thank you to the One Voice For Animals Appeal, through your group we became aware of the special offers Brinsea incubators rolled out in May.  This incubator will be a much-used addition to our rescue”

Hedgepigs and Hoglets Rescue. Following the Brinsea incubators offer for One Voice For Animals UK members.

“Thank you for the link to the Charity Buddy site. I have had some help from Amy with some issues with our website and I can't thank her enough. She was brilliant!!”

Lower Moss Wood Wildlife Rescue Centre in response to our partnership with

“You have achieved a wonderful thing, getting folk together, absolutely wonderful as we can all help each other.”

HARC (Hope Animal Rescue Centre)

At a time when we just didn't have capacity to sort a website OVFAUK made it possible for our supporters to donate.

Outstanding support to small animal rescues and charities.

Blue Highland Bird Rescue

"Just to say Parsleys Warren is now a Registered Charity (Hurrah!!!)

Its taken us a while but we got through the admin in the end!  Mainly thanks to the huge support we feel from One Voice for Animals UK!


We would never have tried for charitable recognition were it not for lockdown and OVFAUK"

Parsley's Warren

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