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One Voice for Animals UK 

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Who We Are

We are an organisation committed to animal welfare in the UK. 

We believe animals should be treated with compassion, respect and kindness.


One Voice for Animals UK was founded in April 2020 to bring together smaller Animal Welfare Establishments (AWEs) under one umbrella organisation to create greater awareness of the important work they do, to provide practical support to those organisations, and to create a directory for the public to find their local rescue centres.  You can find AWEs near you on our 'Find your local rescue' tab.

An Animal Welfare Establishment is defined as:

A person, organisation or establishment who holds themselves out to receive vulnerable animals on a regular basis, whether companion, farmed, wild, protected or other animals, with a view to rehabilitating and either, re-homing or releasing (back to the wild), or providing long term care.


Our Mission

We support UK Animal Welfare Establishments by providing tools, resources, advocacy and fundraising opportunities they need to continue to care for vulnerable animals.  

Our Directory of animal organisations provides a platform for the public to find and help AWEs near them.

One Voice for Animals UK is an Associate Member of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Animal Welfare and looks forward to influencing UK Animal Welfare issues on behalf of our members.


How you can help

As Covid restrictions lift, the organisations on our directory are facing new challenges.  They are still dealing with increased wildlife casualties, now they are also dealing with an increase in abandoned animals, with numbers set to increase even more as people return to the office; Re-homing centres are finding their animals are coming in with more behavioural issues which makes them harder to re-home.  Adoptions and fundraising events are still badly impacted, whilst services, vet bills, equipment and supplies have increased in price.  Most AWEs do not qualify for Government support and many are in danger of permanent closure.

Please find your local rescue centres on our Directory and donate whatever you can afford.


 One Voice for Animals UK is self funded and run by volunteers. 

If you would like to contribute towards our running costs we are very grateful.

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