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Welcome to our June 2023 Newsletter.

This month’s topics:


  • Money Milestone 

  • Rabbit Awareness Week - Mini Auction

  • Standards Update -  PLEASE READ

  • Introduction to Wildlife Rehabilitation Course - FREE space

  • Podcasts & Blogs

  • Did you know?


Money Milestone

Since our launch in 2020 we are proud to announce that we have generated over £250,000 in donations! 

Almost all of our members will have benefitted in some way; through donations via our members’ directory, on Donate pages we have created and via our auctions and fundraisers.


Please consider adding our logo and website link to your websites and help us reach more people.

image saying we raised over £250,000

Rabbit Awareness Week - Mini Auction 

Our next auction on Wednesday 28th June is rabbit themed, with 10 fantastic lots that can benefit any of our members who rescue & re-home rabbits. Is that you?


Please follow the auction group and share the auction when it goes live! 

28th June. Rabbit awareness week

Standards Update

By the end of 2023 we require every organisation in our directory to comply with the code of practice standards.

Many of you already meet or exceed those standards and are recognised for your professionalism. We want all our members to have that same recognition.


We are currently undertaking some validation activities and will be writing to some of you to ask for information.


Important: Please double check your Facebook messages (including hidden messages) and emails (including spam) in case we have written to you. If we can't make contact with you, we may need to remove your organisation from our directory for now.  You will be able to reapply if this happens.


For any organisations that need a little help getting policies in place, we have created comprehensive member guides for wildlife, pet rescue and sanctuaries.

The guides and associated products are in the OVFAUK Library:  folder 1 - Standards


For Scotland where licensing has already been introduced, we will be asking our Scottish members to provide us with your licence details.


We know how busy you all are, so we are offering one to one calls to talk you through the members helpcard and help you adapt the example templates to work for you. Get in touch if you would like a call


Introduction to Wildlife Rehabilitation Course

Our friends at Wilder Minds are running a 6 weeks online course - starting 18th July. 


This online course offers you a basic introduction into what it takes to get into wildlife rehabilitation! Covering topics you might not even consider such as self care, wildlife crime and record keeping, we hope to give you a more realistic view of how much work it actually is!


One Voice for Animals UK is offering to sponsor one space for this course. If you run or manage a wildlife rescue on our database and would like to be considered, please get in touch via email:


You can book your course place here:

Podcasts and blogs

We are in the process of setting up our own podcast and are looking for someone who can help us find our feet with editing. Can you help?


We have a comprehensive catalogue of blogs available for you to read and share:


If you would like to submit a guest blog please email


Did you know?

You can reach our website, all our social media platforms, our marketplace, our crafting group, auction page & our home on Facebook all from one place?




Thank you for reading and for being part of One Voice for Animals UK.


Val, Kimberley, Katrin, Angela, Lea, Lucy, Georgie, Becky and all the team at One Voice for Animals UK

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