One Voice for Animals Uk campaigns

January to June 2021.

A better life for Rabbits and Rodents

One Voice for Animals UK in collaboration with Rabbit Welfare & Rescue organisations from across the UK, is seeking to improve the lives of Rabbits & Rodents. These treasured pets often live lonely lives in cramped conditions because our pet shops & retailers don't sell suitable accommodation & don't give the right advice.  We want to change that.


Rabbits. How you can help.  


If you or someone you know is thinking about getting a pair of rabbits, here are our top tips.


  • Calculate the cost.  

Rabbits can live ten years & have complex health & housing requirements - lifetime costs for a pair of rabbits are approx £16,000. Source RSPCA

  • Adopt don't shop.

Many rabbits are bred in very poor conditions - don't support the trade, instead find a local rescue centre. 

We recommend the following sites to help find your nearest trusted rehomer


  • Rehome in pairs

Rabbits are not happy alone - they need another bunny friend.  But don't mix with Guinea pigs - they have different diets, communicate in different ways and the Guinea pig might get bullied.


  • A hutch is NOT enough

Rabbits need a MINIMUM area of 10ft x 6 ft x 3ft / 3m x 2m x 1m at all times - and part of that should be a 6ft shelter.


Read more from Rabbit Welfare Association on how to keep your bunnies happy HERE


  • What to feed your Rabbits?

Advice from the PDSA HERE


  • Enrichment and Behaviour

Advice from the Rabbit Welfare Association & Fund HERE




If you already have happy rabbits - or if you just want to help rabbits everywhere - here are more ways to help.


Sign the petitions

Ban Harmful hutches

Sign the petition HERE


Write to your pet shop/retailer 

Template HERE 


List of Retailers to contact HERE


Write to your MP/MSP

Template HERE


Email Template for phone users HERE


Tweet your MP


Report an online advert 

If you are concerned about an advertisement selling pets online, or about a breeder you think may not be registered, or if you have been the victim of fraud. You can make a report here


Useful Links


With thanks to Unsplash and ICARIS Ltd for helping with this appeal. Bringing together hundreds of small animal charities, non profits and their supporters who are all fundraising to survive.