One Voice for Animals Uk campaigns

January to June 2021.

A better life for Rabbits and Rodents


One Voice for Animals UK, in collaboration with Rabbit Welfare & Rescue organisations from across the UK, is seeking to improve the lives of Rabbits & Rodents.  These treasured pets often live lonely lives in cramped conditions because our pet shops & retailers don't sell suitable accommodation & don't give the right advice. 


We want to change that!


Rabbits - How you can help.  


If you or someone you know is thinking about getting a pair of rabbits, here are our top tips.


  • Calculate the cost.  

Rabbits can live for up to ten years & have complex health & housing requirements - lifetime costs for a pair of rabbits are approx. £16,000. Source RSPCA

  • Adopt don't shop.

Many rabbits are bred in very poor conditions - don't support the trade, instead find a local rescue centre. 

We recommend the following sites to help find your nearest trusted rehoming centre:


  • Rehome in pairs

Rabbits are not happy alone - they need another bunny friend.  But don't mix with Guinea pigs - they have different diets, communicate in different ways and the Guinea pig might get bullied.


  • A hutch is NOT enough

Rabbits need a MINIMUM area of 10ft x 6 ft x 3ft / 3m x 2m x 1m at all times - and part of that should be a 6ft shelter.


Read more from Rabbit Welfare Association on how to keep your bunnies happy HERE


  • What to feed your Rabbits?

Advice from the PDSA HERE


  • Enrichment and Behaviour

Advice from the Rabbit Welfare Association & Fund HERE




If you already have happy rabbits - or if you just want to help rabbits everywhere - here are more ways to help.


Sign the petitions

Ban Harmful hutches

Sign the petition HERE


Write to your pet shop/retailer 

Template HERE 


List of Retailers to contact HERE


Write to your MP/MSP

Template HERE


Email Template for phone users HERE


Tweet your MP


Report an online advert 

If you are concerned about an advertisement selling pets online, or about a breeder you think may not be registered, or if you have been the victim of fraud. You can make a report here


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